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Engagement Photos are Important Byron Bay Photographer

One of the first things I do when a bride and groom book with me is to encourage them to have an engagement portrait session.  I think it is vitally important when it comes to the final result of their wedding photos.

Take a look at this amazing photograph of Wendy and Ian above, which was taken on the main beach at Byron Bay; middle of the afternoon, tourist everywhere.  But it looks like they're in the middle of a secluded tropical paradise, right?  I was a long way from them when I exposed this frame.  I told them to take a walk, enjoy the moment and if they felt like a sneaky kiss, well I wasn't going to stop them...

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As a wedding photographer, I truly believe that engagement sessions are a great way to "loosen" up a couple whn it comes to being in front of the camera.  Let's face it, most people (unless your a Kardashian descendent) hate being in front of a camera and having their photo taken.  I hate it myself!  I feel much safer being behind the camera's lens than in front of it!  Most couples turn up to their engagement portrait session as nervous as hell, because they don't know what to expect.  Yet, most couples then walk away from their engagement session with me, relatively unscathed and not in the need of therapy.

Engagement photos are meant to be fun!  A time to let go and enjoy and revel in the fact that your going to marry this wonderful person!  A lot of the time, when people do relax in their engagement session and start "going with the flow" I find they become giggly and carefree, which is a great thing, especially if they already have children at home.  Being an adult can certainly be a chore sometimes, and it's spectacular to watch these people get back to being just a couple, not someone's mum or dad.

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Once couples have experienced the engagement photographic time, they know what to expect on the wedding day, they know how I work, and they also know that having your photo done with me isn't scary at all (it's kinda fun)!  More than once, I've had the male counterpart proclaim that he even had a great time. I know!  Shocking!  I've even had some couples tell me that having this portrait shoot helped them to get back to loving each other wholey again, that a bit of spark was somehow administered into their relationship.

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Going into a wedding day with one less thing to worry about is the best thing for everyone involved.  Knowing that we'll be having fun taking photos, that I'm not going to make you feel like a right goose, goes a long, long way to making a bride and groom feel super relaxed and even looking forward to the adventures that their wedding phtoography will bring.

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