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Relax In Front Of Camera Byron Bay Photographer

If you're anything like me, you will hate getting your photos taken.  That's why I'm on this side of the camera; it's much safer! But there are ways to relax and enjoy the process which don't involve getting ridiculously drunk and removing items of clothing (trust me, I've tried this and it doesn't work in the long term!)

Quite often, when a couple or a family is going to an appointment with a photographer, it's the first time both parties will be meeting each other face to face.  Sure you might have spoken a few times over the phone but this will be the first time in person.  That alone is enough to make anyone nervous: knowing you have to be in a stranger's company and not only make small talk but also let them point what looks like a weapon of mass destruction at you and command you to smile. If any of you are familiar with the animation Wallace and Gromit and the way they smile, this will give you some indication of how I feel I look like at these times of anxiety.

How to relax in photos Byron Bay Photographer
I've been a photographer in this beautiful region of Byron Bay for long enough to know that you cannot get people to relax by saying something dumb like "hey, just relax!". But there is some advice I can pass along to you to help you chill out to maybe even enjoy the process of getting your photos taken.

If you are in the market of having your portrait taken or even deciding to book a wedding photographer and you know you are somewhat nervous when it comes to photos, do your research!  There are so many photographers around these days, in fact I do believe we are now in plague proportions in the Northern Rivers and the Gold Coast, that it pays to delve a little deeper into someone's work rather than just calling a number you got off a community notice boad near Woolworths in Byron Bay.  

Look prospective photographers up on Facebook, and not only look at their work but read their comments back to people on social media.  Do they sound nice or are they a little off hand?  Are they genuine sounding or sickly sweet?  And then look at their work again; do their clients look relaxed or like someone is threatening to hack off their arms with a blunt implement?  Are their clients in natural poses? And are there a LOT of photography examples to browse through?  Read reviews on their website and on social media. Ask a friend who used a potential photographer how they made their clients relax during a photoshoot.
Quite often, the difference between a good photographer and a great one is their ability to interact with and relate to people

Usually, if the photographer shows a lot of photos of people looking like they are having the times of their lives you can rest easy that this photographer probably knows a thing or two about making people feel totally confident in front of the camera.  From here you can make a firm decision about who the best photographer for you is.  Not every photographer is the perfect match for you. So trust your gut feeling also.

Congratualtions! You have just successfully passed your first step in relaxing in your photos.

How to relax in photos Byron Bay Photographer

As much as I am super comfortable in my old tracksuit pants and an old worn cotton t-shirt, I am not going to lie: I feel like the antithesis of glamour. You know the feeling when you duck out to the shops in your I'm-slobbing-around-the-house-get-up and you happen to see someone you know so you go from aisle to aisle hoping to hell they won't see you? You don't feel at all confident do you?

If you're going to get your photos done, make an effort to go to town with your outfits, hair and make up.  When you look smokin' hot you feel good.  And that's a great place to start from.

When you're dressed up in your finery (and this is super easy for wedding photos) it almost puts you in character, like you're someone else and this makes it very easy to let go and be a little bit more adventurous.  Like you're on stage in a play.

Congratulations, you have passed step two.

Byron Bay Photographer Relax In Photos

We are so lucky to live here on the far north coast of NSW.  Discounting those times Justin Bieber comes to town, Byron Bay is just spectacular!  There are so many locations to do photos just in Byron Bay that I would be here all day listing them.  If you want country photos, we've got country styled locations.  Beach photos?  Well, we've got one or two beaches to choose from.

Think of your wildest dreams when it comes to photos.  Don't just settle for standing against a brick wall because it's easy!  Suffer for your art, I say!  Make the trip worth it to get amazing photos rather than just nice ones.

When you are in a location that makes you say "whoa!" then you are creating an excited buzz of adrenalin inside you and that in turn will help you enjoy the experience just that little bit more.

Imagine standing at the top of the most Easterly Point in Australia (for you novices that would be at the Byron Bay Lighthouse), the wind is blowing in your hair, you can hear the waves crashing below on the rocks and cliffs, you're looking hot and your photographer asks you to snuggle in to your partner a little bit. You're going to be taking in all those sensations and to tell the truth, you will probably be loving the moment.

Step three, done!

Byron Bay Photographer How to relax in photos

We all know that (expletive) song from Frozen right? "Let It Go" (apologies to everyone who now has to spend the rest of the day with this tune in their head). Hopefully you have chosen a photographer who has a great sense of humour and encourages you to be silly and enjoy the moment. Trust them.  They know what looks good in photos.

If they ask you to dance, dance!  Enjoy it! If they ask you to play a silly game, play the game!  Forget they're there.  Be in the moment. Focus on your partner or children and enjoy that moment with them.  When I photograph couples or famillies or recently married lovebirds, I play a lot of games with them, all designed to get their mind of having their photos taken and to just be.

Know that most photographers are in it to create amazing photos, seriously the good ones are not going to make you look like crap. It's really not in their best interest to have lack-lustre work!

So we've got your perfect photographer, you're looking absolutely fabulous, and you're in a location people from overseas can only dream about visiting someday ... surely that's going to go a long way to making you feel like right now, at this point in time, you have everything you want in the world. Why wouldn't you want to let it go and soak up every ounce of goodness that moment has to offer?

How to relax in photos Byron Bay Photographer Maternity

I hope this has shed some light on steps to take to ensure your confidence in getting your portraits taken or contemplate your wedding photography.  Please feel free to share this post if you think someone would benefit.

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