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Urunga Wedding Coffs Harbour Photographer

When Canadian resident and Aussie ex-pat Mary asked me to photograph her wedding to Rola on the Hungry Head Headland near Urunga, I jumped at the chance.  To me, heading back to the Mid North Coast of NSW meant a chance to travel back "home", to a region where I grew up and feel such an affinity with.

Mary and I had been communicating via her mother Michelle and through emails.  I was very eager to meet this lovely lady finally in person, the creative soul who spent hours upon hours making one thousand paper cranes as wedding decoration not to mention some pretty awesome DIY paper flower bouquets!  Not only did Mary create her own wedding bouquet but also those of her three bridesmaid. I was absolutely blown away by her DIY effort. Check them out below; totally amazing.

Bouquet Casino Wedding Photographer
DIY Bouquet Coffs Harbour Wedding Photographer
Wedding Dress Coffs Harbour Photographer
Wedding Rings Coffs Harbour Photographer
Groom Coffs Harbour Wedding Photographer

Hungry Head Headland is a place I have visitied numerous times before but not as a wedding photographer.  Perched high above the coastline, we were able to watch dolphins swimming and surfing in the waves only moments before Mary walked down the aisle. The headlans looked spectacular.  A warm winter's day (okay, it was hot, bloody hot) without a cloud in the sky greeted Mary as she wed her sweetheart, Rola, a native of Iran but resisdent of Canada.  

As a backdrop for the wedding (just in case the ocean and beautiful Urunga coast was not enough!) was the thousand paper cranes that Mary had handmade for the wedding.  An ancient Japanese legend has it, that is one makes one thousand paper cranes, a wish will be granted by the gods.  A beautiful symbolic gesture by Mary and a stunning addition to her wedding day.  We later used the wedding decorations for Rola and Mary's official wedding photography portraits. Below is a couple of shots of the decoration and the dolphins playing in the ocean.  You really can't go past Hungry Head for a destination wedding!

Hungry Head  Wedding Coffs Harbour Photographer
Hungry Head Wedding Coffs Harbour Wedding Photographer

When the wedding ceremony concluded, we scooted down the hill to Hungry Head beach and took some amazing shots of Mary and Rola for their wedding photography collection. The vast expanses of sand and sky provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding photos as they wanted to showcase the beauty of the Australian and in particular the Coffs Harbour coastline. Who would've guessed that it was going to be such a warm day!?! (Note to self: must wear more sunscreen).

Back in the day when I was a silly young person and did ridiculous things like sunbaking, I used to frequent Urunga Beach often (there may or may not have been a young man involved in this decision).  I would never have imagined that twenty years later (wow, is it really that long!?), I would return to the same spot as a wedding photographer for a delightful young couple.  But certainly, without a doubt, Mary and Rola's wedding day was one those that makes you extremely happy to be a wedding phtogorapher.

There is a lot of talk about the "Golden Hour" when it comes to photography.  Funnily enough, "Golden Hour" also coincides with the "Witching Hour" of babies, perhaps that's why there are so many mum photographers out there? (Wink, wink).  Silliness aside, golden hour is the hour before sunset when the light is soft and dewy and just all round friendly to photographers.  Unfortunately, I didn't have that luxury with Mary and Rola's wedding phtoography because it was smack bang, middle of the day sun which is notorious for being cold and harsh and sending a lot of photographers running for the hills, or the pub, whatever is closer.

But I like a challenge.  I've given birth to two children.  Midday sun doesn't scare me.

Getting awesome shots in the middle of the day is as simple as embracing the light and shade and making it work for you. It's really never going to look soft and fluffy, but it is going to look dramatic and I love dramatic light. I'm pretty happy with the results we got. 
Here are a few of the shots we got on Hungry Head Beach. Wedding Photographer 1 / Sun 0.

Hungry Head Wedding Coffs Harbour Wedding Photographer
Hungry Head Wedding Coffs Harbour Photographer

The day before the wedding, I was driving around Urunga, scouting some photo locations (yes, I'm prone to being the most organised wedding photographer in existance occasionally) and I came across the most amazing place for wedding photos.  I think I almost burst with excitement when I saw this place.  So beautiful, so elegant.  Probably the closest thing we were going to get to a winter photoshoot in the unusually summery winter weather.  Look below at the photos.  Am I right?  Stunning.
Urunga Wedding Coffs Harbour Photographer
Urunga Wedding Coffs Harbour Photographer

From this breathtaking treelined location we travelled back to Valla (which was recovering from the weekend's Kombi Festival) to the homestead of Mary's parents, where anxiously awaiting us were happy and excited friends and family.  I managed to sneak Rola and Mary away for a few more shots when I discovered a beautiful cherry tree covered in delicate pink blossoms.

Urunga Wedding Coffs Harbour Wedding Photographer

Romance. Laughter. Fun and tears.  This wedding had it all.  I'd like to thank Mary and Rola for allowing me to be their wedding photographer and share their wedding day with them in the beautiful Coffs Harbour region on NSW.  May their lives together be a reflection of their beautiful day.

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