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Sunset Wedding Photography Byron Bay

I am a huge fan of doing wedding photography at sunset.  The colours of the sky are warm and inviting and there is something inherently romantic about that time of the day, when everyone else is locking themselves away indoors.  It's a peaceful, exclusive time for lovers outdoors.

Recently I photographed the wedding of Rachelle and Bowen.  This was a very sneaky event, as the bride and groom had managed to plan their wedding in secret.  Only a handful of people knew about the ceremony which was held on the beautiful sands of Chinaman's Beach in Evans Head, a half hour drive south of Byron Bay for those of you who have never ventured to Evans Head before.

Evans Head is beautiful little beach-side town situated 10 kilometres off the highway from Woodburn in Northern NSW.  It boasts a river, several picturesque beaches and a thriving little shopping centre catering for the locals and many tourists alike.  I have photographed many weddings there over the years, some river-side, some on the beach and others in one of the local churches, tucked away in the back streets.  The place is littered with wedding photography opportunities, some well-known, and others a little more for the adventurous bride and groom who want out of the ordinary wedding photos. Many wedding photographers utilise the beaches in Evans Head to produce lovely beachy wedding photos, although it can be a little windy on the coast in the afternoon!

The image above was taken on top of Evans Head headland, just after the sun had dipped behind the horizon.  The magnificent oranges that lit the sky that evening were just breath taking.  Sugar Cane fires were burning about 10 kilometres to the west of us, causing a smokey, red haze as well which just added more ambience to the wedding photography!

Silhouette photography is another favourite of mine to do.  It is quite a challenge to be able to render a bride and groom completely black and still get the emotion to come through in the photograph.  Apart from that, I find silhouettes a quite romantic form of wedding photography; it's mysterious as it leaves a lot up to the imagination of the viewer.

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