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Wedding bouquets.  One of my favourite things to photograph on a wedding day! So I thought I would do a blog entry showcasing some of the beautiful bouquets I have photographed over the years.

A lot of thought goes into a wedding bouquet by the bride.  Not only does she have to break it down to her heart's desire but there also has to be some thought as to whether the flowers of her choice are actually in season!

Do you know the history behind a bride carrying a bouquet of flowers on her wedding day?  The origins of the bridal bouquet goes way, way back to ancient times, when women carried pungent bunches of herbs, garlic and other aromatics to dispel evil spirits.  Over the ages, the herbs and spices were replaced by flowers as symbols of eterna llove and fertility. In Victorian times, brides carried flowers as a secret message to their lover, as flowers were thought to have thier own special individual meaning.

Wedding PhotographerByron Bay Rose Bouquet


The Rose is the most popular flower for wedding bouquets. It is available in a wide range of colours and due to it's association with love and passion is the perfect choice for a bride.  Not to mention that it is deliciously fragrant!  Roses as seen above and below, can be arranged in multiple colours, grouped with other blooms for amazing effects or as a simple striking one colour posey.

I will always remember this amazing wedding bouquet of blood red roses from this Sydney wedding a couple of years back. It really stands out, a beautiful prop for the couple's wedding photography.

Red Roses Bouquet Wedding Photographer Melle Veronesi


The Peonie (seen below) is immensely popular as a wedding bloom although are little more costly than most flowers. Sweet in fragrance, and super romantic, these flowers are normally only in season around late spring and early summer.  I had one bride who loved them so much that she even imported them for her July wedding!
Peonies Bouquet Byron Bay Photographer


Another popular flower is the orchid.  Several wedding I have photographed have used this amazing orchid in their bouquets.  It is an electric blue Phalaenopsis Orchid known as a "Blue Phal" and was only introduced in 2011. The spectacular colour does not naturally occur but rather results from a patented process.

During the growth process of the flower, the stalk of a white orchid is injected with a blue dye solution. The dye is absorbed by the plant resulting in an amazing blue flower. It is striking in it's looks and certainly adds a punch to wedding decor! It is quite a controversial flower to purists though.

Orchids Bouquet Wedding Photographer Byron Bay


Also know as "Texas Bluebells" or "Poor Man's Rose", the Lisianthus is a descendent of a North American wild flower and is very similar to a Poppy or a Tulip.  They are available in a wide variety of colours, although purple, pink and white are the most common hues.  The visual impact of Lisianthus is huge as can be seen below with Renee's stunning bouquet of purple.

Lisianthus are in season from November to April in Australia.
lisianthus bouquet Byron Bay Photographer


Gemma's bouquet (below) of tulips, stands out in my mind as one of the prettiest, most delicate looking bouquets I have photographed at a wedding.  It was utterly breath taking.

Tulips symbolise happiness and are available in a wide range of colours although, to me personally, the cream colour of Gemma's bouquet was just so sophisticated and lovely.
 The flowers looked particularly beautiful nestled against the green foliage and the brown "nest" of the bouquet.
Tulip Bouquet Byron Bay Photographer


These yellow puffs of gorgeousness are known as "Billy Buttons" and are an Austrailian Native found widely spread throughout Eastern NSW in dry forest regions and down into alpine regions like Kosciuszko National Park. They are in fact related to the humble Daisy (my all time favourite flower).

The beauty of these gorgeous flowers can be enjoyed year round and are naturally only found in the shade of sunshine yellow.

Seriously, how could you not love these little guys?
Billy Buttons Bouquet Byron Bay Photographer

Some brides choose to co-ordinate their wedding bouquets with the colour theme of the day. I find this idea to be brilliant when it comes to wedding photography; the more things are co-ordinated colour-wise the better the photographs look.

Like flowers, colours are symbolic of certain meanings as follows:
  • Blue / Calmness, tranquility, confidence and affection
  • Green / Life, growth, healing and wealth
  • Yellow / Joy, hope, happiness and intellect
  • Red / Passion, love, romance and excitement
  • Purple / Luxury, dignity, spirituality and passion
  • Pink / Romance, gentleness, friendship and beauty
  • White / Innocence, purity, goodness and hope.
Some brides choose the theme and colour base of their wedding to denote a type of feeling.  Where a family member has been lost, a couple might choose to use the colour yellow as a symbol of rememberance and hope for the future, like Melissa did (below).
Yellow Wedding Bouquet Byron Bay Photographer

So there you go, my humble guide to my favourite bouquets that I have photographed at weddings.  We live in such an amazing area and we are so lucky that many of these flowers are available to us at the drop of a hat.  I am very happy to call the Byron Bay region of Northern NSW home. There are many things I enjoy as a wedding photographer, but photographing beautiful flowers in right up there at the top of my list.

Below is a list of lovely and talented Florists in our area who would be more than happy to talk to you about your wedding bouquets. 

Good luck and I hope this blog entry has helped you!

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