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Engagaement Session Byron Bay Photographer was cold.  It was windy.  But it was oh so lovely!  Melissa booked me to be her wedding photographer about eighteen months ago so it was so nice to finally meet her and Scott in person after emailing each other for so long! Although I'm guessing we probably had no idea how cold it was going to be when we made the appointment to have a beachside, sunset engagement shoot at Chinaman's Beach Evans Head, about an hour south of Byron Bay.

Wintery Engagement Session On Beach Byron Bay Photographer

An engagement session is a great time to get to know your bride and groom before you photograph their wedding.  I believe it is imperative to a smooth, stress free wedding day.  It helps a couple to relax when they know what to expect from their wedding photographer.

Engagement Ring Byron Bay Photographer
Wintery Engagement Session Byron Bay Photographer
Sunset Engagaement Session Byron Bay Photographer
It's amazing what you get to know about a couple from an engagement shoot.  A lot of the time, we'll talk about how they met, their kids if they have any and how the big question was popped.

Melissa and Scott's proposal story is just one of those that warms you heart and reinforces the belief that romance is still alive and kicking in the world.

Wintery Engagement Session
Byron Bay Photographer Wintery Engagaement Shoot

According to Melissa, Scott's proposal went something like this:

"I was 7 months pregnant at the time and was feeling very uncomfortable, to the point that I was sleeping in our lounge room on the recliner every night in an attempt to try get some sleep. I had also had a spray tan the day before which I was yet to wash off, so as you can imagine I looked like a complete hot-mess!

Early in the morning Scott walked into the lounge room following our Staffy "Buster" and told him to "jump up onto Mummy's lap for a cuddle". I was very resistant against the idea as there really wasn't much "lap" for our somewhat-chunky dog to fit anymore. He persevered until he finally got Buster onto my lap and it was then that I noticed there was a ribbon tied around his neck with a ring and a note attached!

I instantly knew and I teared up immediately. I read the note through blurry eyes; it said "Mummy - will you marry Daddy?". I don't think I could have responded "Yes!!" any faster! He chose this day to ask me as it was the day of our Baby Shower and he wanted me to be able to surprise all of our family and friends with the exciting, and long awaited news!"

Byron Bay Photographer Wintery Beach Engagement Session
Cold Winter Engagement Shoot

Well, if that isn't the most adorable story of a proposal, I don't know what is!

I am very much looking forward to meeting their little son at their wedding in October.  Funnily enough, Melissa and Scott are getting married on my very own wedding anniversary!  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I should be at home celebrating instead of playing wedding photographer. That's what happens after you've been married for nearly twenty years folks. PS If my husband is reading this you could possibly have a glass of wine waiting for me when I get home from Scott and Melissa's wedding???Big Brownie points I promise!

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