Getting Down & Dirty

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Once upon a time, a bride and photographer got together to brainstorm ideas for an engagement shoot.  They both agreed it had to be different, it had to be fun, it had to stand out from the crowd.  They thought and they thought and they thought.

Then one day…

“Mud?”, said the wedding photographer.

“Mud!”, giggled the bride.

And the rest is history.

Engagement Session Byron BayMud Engagement Session

The only slight hitch in our otherwise foolproof plan for the best engagement session ever was a little thing called the groom.  It seemed he was not a fan of getting dirty.  Being sneaky females, we decided it was in the groom’s best interest if he didn’t know, not for a while anyway. (Insert evil laughter here).

Soon, the day of the Great Mud Engagement Session arrived.  And the groom?  Yeah, well, he complained through smiling eyes.  My interpretation, despite his protests, was that he had the best time ever.  But I’ll let you be the judge from the photographic evidence.

Engagement Photographer Byron BayEngagement Shoot Engagement Portrait Photographer Byron Bay

What I will say about this engagement session is that it was ridiculous amounts of fun!  Not only for me the photographer but for the couple.  Left to their own devices, the photoshoot unfolded in front of me without any direction given.

It certainly pays to think outside the box when it comes to your engagement portraits.  Unlike wedding photography, you engagement session is a chance to let loose, have some fun and really play up to the camera.  It’s a chance to revel in the fact that you are a loving couple without the pressure of looking picture perfect like you will on your wedding day.

These photos were taken on my farm about 45 minutes south of Byron Bay, in a little village called Meerschaum Vale.  And yes, absolutely I can do this type of engagement session on my farm again.  It was awesome!  Sure the beaches of Byron Bay and the Gold Coast are pretty but mud, glorious mud!  So much more fun.

Mud Engagement Session



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