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With all the planning for your wedding, you probably have not even thought about where to have your engagement portraits taken!  It’s just an added pressure you don’t even want to think about right?  If you are lucky enough to live in the Byron Bay region of NSW or the Gold Coast in QLD, you’ll be absolutely inundated with gorgeous spots and the thought of choosing just one may be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry.  I’ve broken it down into three easy steps for you which will help you land on the ideal location for your engagement session.


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THE LOCATION HAS SIGNIFICANT MEANING TO YOU / We all have that special place that we hold a dear spot in our hearts for.  Perhaps for you it’s on the headland at Byron Bay where you shared your first kiss or where you spent lazy days overlooking the lights of the Gold Coast.  It’s a place that will live in your memory forever.  Choosing a location such as one of these for your engagement portrait session will allow you to feel more at home; it’s familiar and comforting and as a result you will feel more relaxed around your photographer.  If a place makes you feel nostalgic, then you’re on the right path to finding your perfect location for your engagement shoot.


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THE LOCATION IS DIFFERENT TO YOUR WEDDING LOCATION / A great idea is to choose a photoshoot location which is going to be vastly different to where you will be having your wedding portraits photographed.  By doing this you will have a wide variety of shots to proudly hang and display around your home.  For example: if you are planning to get your wedding photos taken on the beach at Byron Bay, ask your photographer to take you to a country setting for your engagement portraits.  Variety is the spice of life they say!


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THE LOCATION IS PRIVATE / For a lot of people, an engagement session is the first time they will be in front of the lens of a professional photographer and we all know that the first time we try something new, we’re bound to be a bit nervous.  Your photographer will do their absolute best to put you at ease but why throw yourself completely into the lion’s den?  By choosing a location that is out of the way and not bustling with people you will be able to relax more, be in the moment more and as a result your photos will reflect that.  If however, you do choose a rather public place, try doing the shoot at a time of day when not a lot of people are going to be around.

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Marrying these three tips together will lead you to finding the perfect location for your engagement photos, creating another memory for you both to enjoy forever.



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