Wintery Sunset Session

Evans Head Photographer


On a cold winter’s day, as the sun was about to set, I met with Melissa and Scott at Chinaman’s Beach in Evans Head to shoot their engagement portraits.

When Melissa contacted me to be their wedding photographer and we organised the date for the engagement session, I don’t think we realised how cold it was going to be on the day!  It was freezing!


Evans Head PhotographerEvans Head Photographer


But the thre of us soldiered on and got to know each other.  And the topic of how Scott proposed to Melissa popped up. It is a story of heart warming romance. According to the bride-to-be, his proposal along these lines: “I was around seven months pregnant and was so incredibly uncomfortable. So much so that I ended up sleeping in the recliner in our loungeroom every night just to get comfortable and try to sleep. Early one morning, Scott walked into the lounge room with our dog and told him to “jump up onto Mummy’s lap for a cuddle”. As you can imagine I was not impressed, there was no room!  But being persistant, Scott got Buster onto my lap and then that I noticed a cute little ribbon tied around his neck with a ring and a note attached! I just knew and started to cry. The note said “Mummy – will you marry Daddy?”. I said yes immediately. It also happened to be the day of our Baby Shower and he wanted me to be able to surprise all of our family and friends with the exciting, and longed for news!”


Evans Head PhotographerEvans Head Photographer Evans Head PhotographerEvans Head Photographer


This story just made my heart melt.  So romantic!  And I can’t wait to meet their little son at their wedding in October.  Coincidentally, Melissa and Scott are getting married on my very own wedding anniversary! I can hear you all now:  why aren’t you at home celebrating instead of being wedding photographer? Ah yes, but this is what happens after you’ve been married for nearly twenty years . PS I strongly suggest my husband has a glass of wine waiting for me when I get home from Scott and Melissa’s wedding. It will go a long way with the Brownie points!